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We are a small company with wide expertise. We were in on the Internet revolution from the beginning, which means that we know how the net works at the lowest level and have strong ties with the Open Source and Linux communities.

  • Ground Up design and implementation of turn-key Linux solutions ranging from custom embedded hardware up to distributed network services.
  • Internet Services and Server Hosting.
  • User Interface design for web enabled devices, developing web enabled applications and services.
  • Implementation and Design of network communication protocols, network security and encryption technologies.

Spam forgery

Caederus has been very active in combatting email spam, both in developing and deploying automatic anti-spam measures and in manually tracking, reporting and terminating the accounts of those who send spam to us and to our customers. This seems to have made us something of a target with the spammers, who often forge the addresses and headers in their recent spam to implicate Caederus.

If you think you have had spam from us, please forward the message to spamcop, a free spam-reporting service. They will look at the chain of Received headers in the email and reliably identify the guilty party.

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